St. Columba’s Church, Pa’aulio

St. Columba Church, Pa’auilo Mission Update from Fr. Tom:
Click the link below to see a video of the last workday at St. Columba!


Weekly Services on Sundays at 9:30 AM

March 31, 2013
Aloha good folks of St. James and St. Columba.  I am looking forward to being with you for the next six months as your Missioner to help with the replant of the historical St. Columba Mission in Pa’auilo along the Hamakua Coast. I especially look forward to working with Fr. David in this exciting adventure in the Lord. I congratulate you all for your sense of mission and outreach in God’s name.Fr. Tom

Volunteer Yourself To The Church Replant For 6 Months.

I would very much like to form a cadre of folks, a mission band, who would be willing to collaborate and work together and make a six months commitment of your talent and time to help get the mission up and running on a smooth weekly basis. Vaughn Winborne, your immediate past Senior Warden, has committed. Why not consider joining us for a six month adventure in the local missions? All ages invited!

Here’s what we need: 

Marketing Evangelists….folks who would be willing to spread the word via internet, door knocking, a booth at the Farmer’s Market, inviting friends, family, putting up posters, talk story, etc. A “come try it you’ll like it” attitude! Progressive & Inclusive Christianity!

Worship Actors….folks who like liturgy, smells, bells, music, greeting, ushers, acolytes, readers, communion ministers, especially music, communion bread bakers, costume makers, banners.

Community Organizers….folks who like cooking, food, food, food, kitchen experts, aloha experts, special event planners, food basket organizers, outreach there a need for a Thrift Store extension in Pa’auilo?

Facility Change Makers….window washers, painters, electricians, landscape artists, roofers, plumbers, and all around general fix-it folks. Help Denise Ray, Jr. Warden.

If interested contact: Fr. Tom 895-5405, (, Vaughn Winborne, Karen Sanchez, Denise Ray, Tim Bostock, Fr. David or any Vestry member.

St Columba is located at 43-1425 Hauola Rd, in Pa’auilo, directly below the Elementary and Intermediate Schools. Click here for Google Maps view.