Pastoral Care & Sacraments

Contact the parish office for all pastoral needs: Baptisms, the Rite of Reconciliation of a Penitent (personal confession & counsel), Blessing of Marriage / Union, communion for the sick and homebound, or pastoral visits to the hospital. In case of a death in the family, contact the rector asap. Clergy will assist in funeral plans.

We are a parish family that cares for each other. People have needs and our want is to care, comfort, and be compassionate. Our congregation helps each other when they are making transitions through difficult times. You may be dealing with a sick family member, the loss of a spouse or partner, the difficulty of limited resources, or simply need encouragement and comfort at a critical time.

Our laity is involved in pastoral service through visiting one another, reaching out with Notes of Care and Sympathy.

We also have recently begun a new prayer shawl ministry.