Spiritual formation is woven into every aspect of our life at St. James’ Parish Congregations, especially our worship. We welcome you to join us in other opportunities for exploring the meaning of the Gospel, the resources of the Christian tradition and the challenges of the Christian vocation in a rapidly changing world.


Are you are new to St. James’ Episcopal Congregations or to all things Episcopal? Or do you simply seek to understand your faith more deeply? An Enquirer’s Class is a course open to all who want a more thorough grounding in the Christian faith. It will also prepare you to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church. Dates TBA


Weekly Bible Study is held at the Piltz home every Wednesday from noon to 1PM. It is scholarly reflection on the upcoming assigned Scriptures for our weekend worship led by The Rev. Guy Piltz.

Women’s Bible Study meets every first Friday of the Month in the church for an in-depth study of the women of the Bible and the ways in which they continue to impact our lives in today’s changing world. All women are invited to join the group. No prior knowledge of the Bible is necessary. Bring your friends and join the fun! Led by The Rev. Marnie Keator.


St. James’ is a longtime host of Education for Ministry (EfM) which provides lay persons with a comprehensive theological education. A program of the School of Theology of the University of the South, EfM offers theological reflection and college-level instruction in the core curriculum of the seminary in four academic years: Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, and Theology. Students sign up for EfM one year at time with summers off.


During the seasons of Advent and Lent we meet on Wednesday evenings for a beautiful and contemplative Holden Evensong followed by a light supper of soup and bread. During our meal, we enjoy a pertinent teaching from different voices, either in person or by video. The evening ends with prayer at 8:30 pm.