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Different offerings of Prayer at St. James’

For several years, St. James’ has had a strong commitment to the power of prayer. One way we have expressed that commitment is by including the general prayers of the people in every service, where we pray for the world, the church, our lives, for those who are sick and those who have died in our services. During the Prayers you are invited to offer your own names out loud or held silently in your heart.

Recently we began to offer a prayer parish list in which people are invited to put either their name or someone else’s name (with their permission) on our weekly prayer list, which is printed in the Sunday insert. You are invited to take this list home and use it in your daily, private prayers.

To place someone on the prayer list, please email their name to

Names will remain on the prayer list for 4 weeks, then you will need to have the name added if desired.

Sometime ago St. James’ began a tradition of inviting forward those who wish prayers of thanksgiving for something good that has happened in their life. It is a powerful moment in our liturgy as we lift one another up to God. At the appointed time in the service, the priest invites those forward who have something for which they wish to give thanks. The clergy offers a prayer of thanksgiving on behalf of the congregation. It is quite moving and leads us into the Celebration of Great Thanksgiving where we give thanks for the greatest gift God has given to us and all of humanity, the gift of salvation and grace to sustain us on our spiritual journey by means of the Sacraments and community.