The opportunity for our children to serve in worship as acolytes is truly one of the joyous points in liturgy! Our youth give of themselves week after week, to help the parish in worship. If you have been a regular in attendance then you have seen their confidence grow.

Acolytes carry the cross and torches, help set up the altar for communion, and otherwise assist the clergy during the service.

Acolyting is an important part of our worship. As an acolyte, you are assisting in the leadership of the service. As you carry in the cross, you are reminding us that we, as Christ’s disciples, walk in the way of the cross. When you bring in the torches, you symbolize the light of Christ vanquanishing the darkness before our path. As you carry the torches out at the end of our worship, you remind us that it is the light of Christ that goes before us, as the pillar of flame led the Children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt. As you carry the Gospel in procession to be read in worship, you remind us that Christ is always with us. Jesus comes into the midst of the people.

Acolyting is a way to serve God and it is a way to give to God and your church.